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Chen Shui-bian, Wu Shu-chen write request was refused to plead guilty

      By July 2 According to Taiwan's "China Times", the media reported that Chen Shui-bian's wife Wu Shu-chen had to write a letter to the trust Chen Shui-bian mother. Chen Shui-bian, Wu Shu-chen of scolding letter to the hunger strike continued to exercise his right of silence means to resist the administration of justice, be charged with child victims throughout the tube, and must seek to plead guilty flat. In this regard, Chen Shui-bian's voice through the public defender stressed that there can not plead guilty.

     Office of the Secretary of flat Ming Jiang confirmed that indeed, Wu Shu-chen Chen Li Shenzhi mother through the flat will be referred to a letter on behalf of Chen Shui-bian, as the specific content of the letter because he did not read, it is not clear. However, quoted by the Chen Shui-bian and his friends, "Chen Shui-bian, Wu Shu-chen letter means a little bit to blame."

     Jane flat occasional letter to family mother pleaded for offensive

      "Next Magazine" reported that early in June, the family of Chen Hsing-yu bian to the United States can not be aware that warmth was an offensive launched on the flat, it is necessary to tie in with the guilty plea, Chen Shui-bian. First, when the June 4, wrote a letter to Wu Shu-chen, Chen Shui-bian asked the mother into the prison, constantly scolding the flat to go on fasting, exercising his right of silence and other means to resist the administration of justice, "caring only for their own political interests, but also childrenwas prosecuted for possession of territory. "Wu Shu-chen, Chen Shui-bian will certainly require the prosecution to tie in with the hospital.

       Then the whole family took turns to launch more offensives warmth. June 15, Chen Shui-bian's daughter-in-law Huang Rui Liang also met to air their grievances, with the hope that Chen Shui-bian seized homes, not involving children, and even the third generation; June 26, Chen Hsing-yu in the flat before the collapse, broke down in tears.



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