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Chinese President Hu Jintao will attend the meeting
Beijing BEIJING, July 2 (Xinhua Zhang Shuo Zhang Weiran) the Group of Eight leaders of the dialogue with developing countries meeting will be held July 8-10 held in the city of L'Aquila in Italy, Chinese President Hu Jintao will attend the meeting .

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei said in Beijing on the 2nd, G-20 in response to international financial crisis summit has been carried out twice, in September this year in the United States would also like to hold a third summit in Pittsburgh. In this context, the Group of Eight this year's dialogue with the leaders of the developing countries will be in response to What is the role of crisis, what signals the release by all sides.

He Yafei said that under the present arrangements, the leaders will mainly focus on during the meeting exchanged views on the following issues: first, to address the financial crisis, the promotion of world economic growth, economic recovery; In addition, the focus on climate change, energy security, food security, international trade and development issues, especially the development of African countries, the leaders will communicate for the formation of a consensus document or a statement to the leaders of the form to express.

Hu Jintao attending the meeting on the major activities during the period, said He Yafei, July 8, mainly in the development of the activities of leaders of the five nations. China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, leaders of the five nations will hold a mass meeting, met the press, and a working dinner. After the meeting, leaders of the five nations will issue a political declaration.

More intensive activities in the next day. Hu Jintao will attend the Group of Eight and five developing countries and the leaders ofӰdialogue with the luncheon and met with young people on behalf of 14 States. In addition, Hu will also attend a special meeting on trade issues, "economic power in energy security and climate change forum," the leader of the meeting. Evening, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to the national leaders and international organizations held a banquet.

The third day morning, President Hu will attend a special meeting of food security. To attend a special meeting of the two leaders, the scope will be broader.

During the meeting, Hu Jintao will also use the limited time to meet with leaders of the countries, China and these countries on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of exchange of views.

He Yafei said that China over the past few years took an active part in the Group of Eight leaders dialogue with developing countries. This year's dialogue, the Chinese side has also been active in preparation, with the parties to maintain communication and consultation. The Chinese side hopes that this year's dialogue will be able to achieve positive results.

In this regard, China's idea is: first, to two G-20 summit on the basis of cooperation to address the financial crisis, and promote an early recovery of the world economy, to send a strong signal; Second, to promote the development of the Group of Eight dialogue between countries and cooperation between North and South to promote the establishment of a new type of real equality and mutual benefit and win-win partnerships; Third, to promote the international community concerned about the financial crisis on the food and the impact of development issues and take action to address the developing countries, especially African countries, the practical difficulties faced; Fourth, on climate change and the WTO Doha Round negotiations to coordinate for the end of the meeting held in Copenhagen, the United Nations to achieve a consensus for the Doha round of negotiations to achieve a breakthrough into a new impetus.

"That's why we want to achieve positive results." Said He Yafei.

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