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the reform of government institutions to complete abolition of 11 departments and bureaus

HONG Changchun news July 2 (Xinhua stream) Jilin completed the first in the country the reform of government institutions to reduce the province's total of 43 bureau-level leadership preparation, leadership positions in various departments involved 109 views change.

    Jilin Province, the new Office of Industry and Information, Office of Transportation, Jilin Province, Jilin Province, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Energy and the Office of Jilin Province, Jilin Province Economic and Technological Cooperation Agency.

    Jilin Province established the Office of Industry and Information, Economic Commission of Jilin Province to the original, the Provincial Information Industry Department, the provincial office of the defense technology industry, the provincial SME Development Council, the Provincial Office of the food industry and the provincial leading group for information of the duties of the office, integrated zoned income. "Letter of the Office of Public Works," Canadian Defense hanging in Jilin Province and Jilin Province Science & Technology Office of the SME Development Council brand. No longer retain the provincial Economic Commission, Provincial Information Industry Department, the provincial office of the defense technology industry, the provincial SME Development Council, the Provincial Office of the food industry.

      Established the Office of Transportation, Jilin Province, Jilin Provincial Communications Department will, Provincial Department of Construction, the guidance of urban passenger transport, the provincial Civil Aviation Civil Aviation Airport Group, the production of airport security and air safety management functions, integrated into. Jilin Civil Airport Group Company is not linked to the province coupled with the Airport Authority of Civil Aviation of the brand. Ministry of Transportation will no longer maintain.

     The formation of human resources in Jilin Province and the Social Security Office, the Office of the Provincial Personnel, the Provincial Office of Labor and Social Security, the Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs responsibilities, integrated into, Canada, Jilin Province Bureau of Foreign Experts linked the brand.

     The building was renamed the Office of Jilin Province, changed its name to the Office of Housing and urban and rural construction at government departments in Jilin Province; Jilin Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has changed its name to the Environmental Protection Office, by the Jilin Provincial Government to the provincial government directly under the structural adjustment component sector; price supervision and inspection bureau of Jilin Province changed its name to the provincial price office, by the Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission. Animal husbandry in Jilin Province Livestock Authority, the Authority changed its name to the province by the Jilin Agricultural Commission.

     Adjustment of Jilin Province, People's Air Defense Office of the coordinating agency by the procedure be adjusted to permanent offices directly under the provincial government institutions; Jilin Food and Drug Administration structural adjustment by the provincial government for the departments directly under the administration, management of the provincial Health Department.

     No longer retain the Cultural Relics Bureau in Jilin Province, the provincial leading group for poverty alleviation and development office and the Provincial Intellectual Property Office.

     It is understood that so far in 2000, Jilin Province on three occasions to carry out the reform of government institutions. In order to streamline the preparation of 2000, mainly to reduce by half the province's institutions, personnel diversion, the Government of thin; in 2004 to transform government functions for the purpose of Jilin Province, achieved by control-oriented government to a service-oriented government changes, the reform set the Food and Drug Administration, Administration of Safety Production Supervision, etc.; in August 2009, Jilin Province, the Government launched the current round of institutional reform. Reform, reform of government agencies to streamline institutions from 58 to 47 agencies, a decrease of 11, streamlining the rate was 19%. A total of 183 to reduce the establishment, ranging from 3.6 percent cut, which led the preparation of the department or bureau level to reduce the 43, cut the rate of 16.7%; level cadres prepared to reduce the 110, cut the rate by 6.1%.

     Some of the original department or bureau level, division-level leadership, and now no longer as office, not with the cadres full of units, as the inspector or inspectors, and no one from the institutional reform and "off."

     Work for does not affect the enthusiasm of cadres, Jilin Provincial Party Committee Organization Department decision, although some cadres are no longer any level leadership positions, while retaining the treatment level, wages did not fall, the same treatment. Another more practical approach is the implementation of resettlement: the temporary deployment of a gradual digestion. To this end, the introduction of new regulations in Jilin Province, to allow older officers to retire early.

     This time, there are 11 departments and bureaus of Jilin Province was abolished, leaving the basis for withdrawal is to see whether it is conducive to the economic development of Jilin. Many institutions set up, Jilin Province, are a combination of economic underdevelopment of the province, the Government is not a strong test drive, but the project should promote the economic development of Jilin Province.

     From Jilin Province, cities and counties for the preparation of Department Office that cities in Jilin Province, the county's structural reform will be completed before the end of July. From July 6, the Jilin Provincial Government Chief, provincial Civil Service Bureau, the editorial office of the provincial government departments and provincial governments will be institutional reform of the inspection and acceptance.


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