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Products / A variety of health Pump /  Centrifugal Pump

High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell offers three single stage and one
multistage high-pressure 200 Series centrifugal pump models.
Designed for use in membrane filtration systems (reverse
osmosis and ultra filtration), they can accommodate high
system pressure inlet conditions to 1000 PSI producing a
smooth, pulse-free high discharge pressure for reduced
membrane wear and increased product quality.


• Sanitary design for food and dairy processing service.
• Strong cast iron bearing frames, that provide support for the
pump independent of the motor.
• Coupling alignment is assured by motor flange adapter
resulting in longer pump life by reducing coupling wear,
bearing loads and improving shaft seal performance.
• Large bearings with non-wearing labyrinth seals for longer life;
low maintenance.
• Balanced double mechanical shaft seals that are the same
size as used on all 200 series pumps; reducing inventory
• Mounted on heavy plate steel bases with

adjustable sanitary legs.

Model 2065HPLV
Inlet Size: 2.0" Discharge: 11⁄2"
Max Head: 165 Ft. TDH
Max Flow: 175 GPM*
Max Discharge Pressure: 600 PSI
Model 2085HPLV
Inlet Size: 2.0" Discharge: 11⁄2"
Max Head: 330 Ft. TDH*
Max Flow: 140 GPM*
Max Discharge Pressure: 700 PSI

Model 2085HP
Inlet Size: 21⁄2" Discharge: 2"
Max Head: 340 Ft. TDH*
Max Flow: 400 GPM*
Max Discharge Pressure: 700 PSI

Model MS 85 Multistage
Inlet Size: 21⁄2" Discharge: 11⁄2"
Max Head: 600 Ft. TDH*
Max Flow: 250 GPM*
Max Discharge Pressure: 1250 PSI
*At 3500 RPM

Casing: 316SS
Port Connections: Sanitary S-Line (Clamp)
Backplate: 316L Stainless Steel
Impeller with Integral Shaft: 316L Stainless Steel
Impeller Retainer: 316L Stainless Steel
Shaft Seal: Double Mechanical - Type 4
Rotary Seal Material: Silicon Carbide inboard / Carbon
Stationary Seal Material: Silicon Carbide inboard / Purebide (Siliconized graphite) outboard
Elastomers: Fluoroelastomers FDA approved
Finish: All product contact surfaces polished to 150 grit (32 Ra)
Base Mounting: Carbon Steel


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