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Silverson For over 50 years Silverson has specialised in the manufacture of quality High Shear Mixers for processing and manufacturing industries worldwide. With customers in over 140 countries and serving industries as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals,luboils and petrochemicals, Silverson has become a world leader in the field of High Shear Mixing. Time and again companies specify Silverson Mixers as the í░standardí▒ equipment for their manufacturing processes. A truly international company, Silverson is represented by a network of associated companies, distributors and agents in over 40 countries, serving North America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, South America and Africa.

The Silverson Advantage


Unsurpassed speed and efficiency in day-to-day laboratory work.Unrivalled versatility allowing any machine to be quickly adapted to perform the widest range of mixing applicationsmixing, emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating, dissolving,dispersing, blending, particle size reduction and deagglomeration.Constant and repeatable results, time after time.Accuracy in forecasting the performance of large machines under full-scale working conditions.Excellent for small scale production work.Robust, simple construction, easy to use, easy to clean.


BLENDING In blending liquids of similar or greatly varying viscosities, the unique Silverson mixing action can rapidly produce a guaranteed homogeneous product. Silverson Laboratory mixers outperform all conventional stirrers and blenders in speed, efficiency and product uniformity.

EMULSIFYING AND HOMOGENISING The special high shear rotor/stator design means that emulsions (typically in the range of 0.5 to 5 microns) can be easily achieved, in many cases dispensing with the need for more costly and complicated equipment such as high pressure homogenisers.

DISINTEGRATION All Silverson mixers are able to disintegrate matter of animal, vegetable, mineral or synthetic origin in a single operation.

PARTICLE SIZE REDUCTION For particle size reduction, this same rotor/stator action will ensure the rapid and uniform milling of both solid and semisolid materials into either solution or fine suspension. Rapid particle size reduction of soluble materials also results in greatly reduced solution times and is ideal when dissolving materials which are only soluble with difficulty.

GELLING AND SOLUBILISING The solution of gums, alginates, C.M.C.,carbopols, etc., can be a slow and difficult process if a conventional stirrer is used. Agglomerates frequently form and these can only be removed slowly by the washing action of the stirrer. With a Silverson mixer, however, the high shear action of the rotor/stator rapidly disperses the material, constantly exposing increasing areas of the solid to the surrounding liquid. The result is an agglomerate-free solution within minutes.

How the Silverson Works

1. The high speed rotation of the rotor blades within the precision machined mixing workhead exerts a powerful suction, drawing liquid and solid materials upwards from the bottom of the vessel and into the centre of the workhead.

2. Centrifugal force then drives materials towards the periphery of the workhead where they are subjected to a milling action in the precision machined clearance between the ends of the rotor blades and the inner wall of the stator.

3. This is followed by intense hydraulic shear as the materials are forced, at high velocity, out through the perforations in the stator and circulated into the main body of the mix.

4. The materials expelled from the head are projected radially at high speed towards the sides of the mixing vessel. At the same time fresh material is continually drawn down into the workhead maintaining the mixing cycle. The effect of the horizontal (radial) expulsion and suction into the head is to set up a circulatory pattern of mixing which is all below the surface. As a result there is no unnecessary turbulence at the surface. So long as the machine is correctly chosen for size and power, the entire contents of the vessel will pass hundreds of times through the workhead during the mixing operation to give uniform progressive processing and
homogenisation. A further benefit derived from the controlled mixing pattern is that aeration is minimised.

Interchangeable Headsand Screens

A comprehensive range of workheads and screens is available for all Silverson high shear mixers. These easily interchangeable workheads offer great versatility by allowing any machine to be adapted to perform a wide range of mixing operations including emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating, dissolving, dispersing, blending, particle size reduction and de-agglomerating. Changing from one head or screen toanother is quick and simple

GENERAL PURPOSE DISINTEGRATING HEAD This is the most versatile of all the heads,giving an exceptionally vigorous mixing action. Ideal for general mixing applications,its uses also include the disintegration of solids and the preparation of gels and thickeners, suspensions, solutions, and slurries.

EMULSOR SCREENS Suitable for liquid/liquid preparations and especially useful for all emulsions.Available in fine and medium (standard) perforations.

SLOTTED DISINTEGRATING HEAD For the disintegration of fibrous materials such as animal and vegetable tissue, as well as the disintegration and solubilisation of í░elasticí▒ materials such as rubbers and polymers. Vertical and diagonal slotted
heads are available.

SQUARE HOLE HIGH SHEAR SCREEN Provides exceptionally high shear rates ideal for the rapid size reduction of soluble and insoluble granular solids. It is also suitable for the preparation of emulsions and fine colloidal suspensions.

AXIAL FLOW HEAD This special head expels jets of material vertically upwards parallel to the shaft and is used in certain circumstances where aeration needs to be minimised. It may also be used to maintain heavy insoluble solids in constant circulation.

PUMPHEAD This converts the mixer into a non-positive pump which with the use of a flexible hose and valve can be used to fill individual containers.

Models L4RT and L4R

L4RT Mixer

This is the most popular machine in Silversoní»s range of laboratory mixers and is ideal for routine laboratory work, research and development, QA analysis and small scale production in all industries. The L4RT is suitable for the widest range of applications - mixing, emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating, dissolving - with an efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines. With a capacity from 1ml up to 12 litres and the ability to mix in-line with flow rates up to 20 litres/minute, it offers excellent reproducibility when scaling up to full scale production and provides an accurate and easy means of forecasting the performance of larger Silverson machines under full-scale working conditions. The digital tachometer gives a constant speed readout and is invaluable for applications where process validation and reproducibility are required.

MOTOR UNIT Robust two-piece casing designed for cool, quiet and continuous operation.

MOTOR 250W (0.33hp) 220 volt, single phase (110 volt optional),50/60 Hz. Nominal maximum speed 8000 rpm (6000 rpm under full load).

SPEED CONTROL Infinitely variable electronic speed control with L4RT L4R integral on/off switch.

ELECTRIC RISE & FALL BENCH STAND The Mixing unit may be effortlessly raised and lowered using the push-button control on the motor unit.

CONSTRUCTION All wetted parts are in grade 316 stainless steel with the exception of the bush which may be bronze alloy or PTFE.The L4RT is finished in a tough, easy to clean, non-chip white nylon coating. The flat base is covered by a removable non-slip mat which is resistant to most solvents.

L4R Mixer

Identical to the model L4RT above but supplied without the tachometer.

Interchangeable Mixing Assemblies

STANDARD ASSEMBLY (TWO ARM) Illustrated left.Supplied complete with a General Purpose Disintegrating Head, Square Hole High Shear Screen, Standard Emulsor Screen and Axial Flow Head.Slotted Disintegrating Heads, Fine Emulsor Screen, Pump Heads and other special heads are available as optional extras. Capacity - depending on viscosity - up to 12 litres. Mixing unit dimensionslength 290mm (111⁄2í▒), width 57mm (21⁄4í▒).

TUBULAR ASSEMBLIES Suitable for use in narrow-necked containers.A full range of tubular mixing units for processing volumes from 1ml - 500ml is available for the models L4RT and L4R - see page 8.

Duplex Assembly

The Duplex differs from the standard mixing assembly in having two workheads facing in opposite directions; the upper head pulls materials down from the surface of the mix, while the lower head draws material up from the base of the mixing container.The upper Coarse Tooth Disintegrating Head is designed to chop solid materials into small pieces and then expel them beneath the shroud. The lower workhead simultaneously draws in these partially disintegrated solids and reduces their size further.This combined use of two workheads makes the Duplex ideal for applications where light or buoyant material (powders, rubbers and polymers etc.) needs to be drawn down from the surface of a mix and rapidly dispersed. Because of the added movement afforded by the two workheads, the Duplex is also ideal for use on high viscosity materials.Supplied complete with upper Coarse Tooth Disintegrating Head and lower General Purpose Disintegrating Head.

OPTIONS Lower Slotted Disintegrating Heads, Square Hole High Shear Screen, Emulsor Screens and upper General Purpose Disintegrating Head.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Rapid solution of rubbers and polymers into lubricating oils, solvents and asphalt for the production of luboils, adhesives and bituminous compounds.Disintegration and dissolving solid resin for the production of varnish.Vegetable and meat purĘŽe/slurries.Addition of powders into high viscosity liquids.

In-Line Mixing Assembly

The In-Line assembly fits onto the model L4R Laboratory range and converts it into an in-line mixer/homogeniser.The centrifugal action of the rotor in the high shear rotor/stator workhead generates a non-positive pumping action which gives a throughput on low viscosity liquids of approximately 20 litres/minute, reducing as the viscosity
increases.The pumping rate can be lowered by reducing the motor speed but it is better to insert a valve in the pipeline on the output side as reducing the speed also reduces the mixing efficiency. The unit is suitable for use at atmospheric pressure only. It is not recommended for use on abrasive, corrosive or flammable materials. For operation on these types of materials or for operation under pressure, please refer to the model 150L In-Line Mixer/Homogeniser - see page 13.

CONSTRUCTION All product contact parts in 316 stainless steel except the bushing (PTFE) and mechanical shaft seal (carbon/stainless steel with viton elastomers).Viton body O-ring.Supplied complete with General Purpose Disintegrating Head and Square Hole High Shear Screen.

OPTIONS Slotted Disintegrating Head, and Emulsor Screens (fine,standard and coarse perforation). Seal elastomers and body O-ring available in Kalrez/PTFE. Multiport inlet feed manifold.



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