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Seals - One Seal Size Fits All Waukesha 200 Series Model

Waukeshas one-piece impeller/shaft sleeve design not only extends the life of seals, but it reduces the number of shaft seal sizes to one, resulting in a minimum spare parts inventory requirement.

Waukesha stationary seals are designed to last longer with a siliconized carbon (standard)lapped seat that is replaceable and reversible. This provides an excellent mating surface for the variety of rotary seals including food grade hard carbon, siliconized carbon, silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. No
matter how demanding your application, theres a Waukesha seal thats tough enough to handle it.

Waukeshas pump offering includes eight sizes of pumps form 4-1/2" to 10-1/2" impeller diameter.All use the same size seal.
These pumps have:

• Seal combination

options of:
Single external mechanical seal Single mechanical with a water cascade Double mechanical seal

• Optional Elastomer
Fluroelastomer O-Ring Standard EPDM Silicone PTFE Encapsulated Kalrez

Waukesha pumps are also set up to accept, as standard, a large number of commercially available mechanical seals.

For Example:
• John Crane Type 8-1 (inside mounted seal)
• John Crane Type 8B2 (outside mounted seal)
• John Crane Type 8-1 Double Seal
• John Crane Type 9 (inside mounted seal)
• John Crane Type 9 Double Seal

• John Crane Type 21 (inside mounted seal)
• John Crane Type 21 (Double seal)
• Chesterton 440(outside mounted seal)
• Chesterton 880 (inside mounted seal)
• Flowserve/Durametallic Type CRO Double Seal
• Flowserve/Durametallic Type RA (externally mounted seal)
• Flowserve/Durametallic Type RO (internally mounted seal)

An optional water cascade attachment is available for handling products that tend to crystallize. It also protects the seal against overheating due to high vacuum conditions or high product temperatures.

For particularly adverse applications, Waukesha pumps are also available with an external balanced seal with replaceable silicon carbide mating surface. The water-cooled rotary double seal

(Type 4) features two seals fully enclosed with a stainless steel seal housing. Water or other suitable coolant circulates through the housing under moderate pressure to cool the seal surfaces. Higher coolant pressures may be used to assure proper interface between product seal face and products which have a tendency to solidify or otherwise denature when in contact with hot, rotating surfaces. For unique applications not covered by stock

seals: Consult the factory for specific recommendations and
other commercial seal types available.


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