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Pure Water Pumping
Pumping water for
injection (WFI) is a
mandate for a reliable
barrier between the
product being pumped
inside and threats of
contamination outside.
Waukesha heavy-duty,
centrifugal pumps are
particularly adaptable to
this application. Their
design, construction and
materials are aimed
specifically to satisfy
sanitary requirements.
To accommodate WFI,
modifications to the seal
area prevent leakage of
contaminants into the
pumpage and thus any
compromise to product
Although the term WFI
describes the high purity,
pyrogen-free fluid used
in pharmaceutical

products, the same high
pump standards are
required for producing
high purity, deionized
water for industrial uses,
such as rinses and
cleansers for electronic
integrated circuitry.

Versatile Seal Options
Double seals are
available with or without
the factory installed flush
system. The flush
system includes controls
for pressure,
temperature and flow
rate. A uniquely

positioned temperature
probe in the Waukesha
flush system measure
temperatures at the seal
area rather than simply
of the coolant.
Single or double
mechanicals seals, such
as John Crane Type 9,

may be used with the
Waukesha WFI close
coupled pumps. In
addition, Chesterton 241
cartridge seals are
optional for base
mounted pumps.
In addition, hard seal
face materials, such as
silicon carbide or
tungsten carbide, may
be specified to minimize
particle generation. For
high temperature
service, including
steaming during
sterilization, Viton or
EPDM elastomers are

Versatile Casing
Drain Design
Just as important as
sanitary cooling of the
seal area is the
complete draining of the
casing. Pooling of the
condensate during

steaming, for example,
could lead to incomplete
sterilization. A variety of
casing drain
configurations are
possible to suit your
specific installation.

Sanitary Surface
All wetted parts are
manufactured of 316L
stainless steel.
WFI applications require
smoother product
contact surfaces to
minimize microscopic
cracks or pockets that
might trap impurities or
foster bacterial growth.
The standard finish for
the Waukesha WFI
centrifugal is 32 Ra (150
grit); additional polish is
option up to a 20 Ra
(240 grit). Electro-polish
is also available.


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