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Batch mixers

Silverson offers a complete
range of multi-purpose batch
mixers. The machines are
able to perform the widest
variety of applications - mixing,
emulsifying, homogenising,
disintegrating, dissolving -
with an efficiency and
flexibility unmatched by other
machines. Capacities from
5 to 30,000 litres.
The Silverson range of High
Shear Batch mixers are of
robust and simple construction,
which ensures that cleaning
and maintenance is kept to
an absolute minimum. The
range can be divided into two
distinct categories ¨C Medium
range and Large range models.

Large range ¨C Models 700X to MX

Silverson is the world leader
in the specialised design and
manufacture of large scale rotor/
stator mixers with a capacity
of up to 30,000 litres. Al
these machines are individual y
built to order and constructed
specifical y to suit each
customer¡¯s requirements.
The large scale mixers possess
al the qualities and flexibility
of Silverson¡¯s medium range
models and include a number of
additional and unique features.

Each mixer is designed and
built to the highest possible
engineering standards. From
the special y balanced motors
to the fitting of precision ground
shafts which are finish turned
in-house to ensure critical
vibration free running, no aspect
of manufacture escapes our
rigorous inspection.
These machines are designed
to be maintained and serviced
in-situ wherever possible. Quick
release shaft couplings, split
two-part downthrust propel er
and hard-surfaced sacrificial
shaft journal sleeves are just a
few of the features designed
to keep maintenance and
downtime to a minimum.
In every case Silverson¡¯s
technical staff wil ensure that the
customer¡¯s needs are precisely catered for.

Technical specifications

Materials of construction
Al wetted parts in 316L stainless steel. Special materials on request.
Bush material
The bush wil normal y be
bronze al oy or reinforced PTFE
depending on the application.
TEFV (Total y Enclosed Fan
Ventilated) and ATEX approved
Flameproof motors are available
as standard. Inverter rated,
stainless steel and other motors
are available as optional extras.
Models BX up to GX can be
mounted on mobile hydraulic
floor stands. Alternatively they
can be supplied with either a
rectangular or circular flange for
mounting on the vessel.
Tri-clamp mounting is also
available. Larger machines
(Model 700X and above) require
vessel mounting.

Al Silverson Batch mixers are
designed for operation in open
vessels. Single and double
mechanical shaft sealing for
operation under vacuum and/or
positive pressure is available for
most machines
The machines are in most
cases self-cleaning, a short run
between successive operations
in water, detergent or an
appropriate solvent being al that
is necessary. For more thorough
cleaning, dismantling is easy and
downtime minimal.

General purpose disintegrating head Slotted disintegrating head Square hole high shear screenStandard emulsor head and emulsor screen

Duplex disintegrator dissolver

The Duplex was specifical y
developed for the disintegration
and solubilisation of solid
rubbers and polymers for the
luboil and adhesive industries,
but its success has now seen
its introduction into al fields
of mixing, whether chemical,
pharmaceutical or food.
The Duplex differs from the
standard multipurpose batch
mixers in having two workheads
facing in opposite directions; the
upper head pul s materials down
from the surface of the mix, while
the lower head draws material
up from the base of the vessel.
The combined use of two
workheads makes the Duplex
ideal for applications where light
or buoyant material (powders,
rubbers and polymers, etc.)
needs to be drawn down from
the surface of a mix and rapidly
dispersed. Because of the
added movement afforded by
the two workheads the Duplex
is also ideal for use on high
viscosity materials.

Typical applications
- Rapid solution of rubbers and
polymers into lubricating oils,
solvents and bitumen for the
production of luboils, adhesives
and bituminous compounds
- Disintegration and dissolving of
solid resin for the production
of varnish
- Vegetable and meat
- Recovery of waste confectionery

Specialised mixers

Abramix RBX
No immersed bearing
With the standard Silverson
mixer a highly abrasive product
can cause excessive wear on
the bush and the shaft. In the
Abramix RBX the bush has been
completely eliminated by the use
of a heavy-duty shaft which is
firmly supported by two precision
rol er bearings, situated above
the level of the product being
mixed. Minimum maintenance is
a key feature of the design.
Dry running
Dry running in non-flammable
products is possible, al owing
mixing to continue uninterrupted
while emptying the mixing vessel.
Typical applications
- Liquid Glazes: Preparation
and Redispersion including
Incorporation of Pigments,
Wetting Agents, Hardeners, etc.
- Ceramic slips - Clays and
Silicas - Texture Paints
- Foundry Compounds

Tubular mixers
Silverson tubular mixers are
designed for operation in sealed
vessels where a product-
lubricated mechanical shaft seal
is required.
Tubular mixers are suitable for
operation under atmospheric
or positive pressures and are
ideal for mixing products where
sealant fluids need to be avoided.
The mixer shaft is sealed at its
lower end by a conventional
mechanical shaft seal which is
lubricated and cooled by the
product being mixed.
As with al Silverson rotor/stator
mixers, interchangeable stators
are available to adapt the
machine for varying processes.
The tubular design also al ows
the machine to fit through
relatively smal diameter vessel
Each mixer is designed to suit
individual process requirements.
Typical applications
- Active ingredients
into inhalants
- Injectables
- Vaccines

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Email: silversonasia@pacific.net.sg

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