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Products / A variety of health equipment /  WAUKESHA injection pumps
Specially designed for pumping water for injection medical. To improve the general seal 200 Series pump is absolutely prevent pollutants from entering the pump. This pump is used in pharmaceutical products using a high degree of purification of the liquid, can also be used for pumping high-purity deionized water, for example, for flushing the water board.

All the product contact parts are polished 32Ra surface of 316L stainless steel, or may choose to electropolishing 20Ra
the use of single or two sealed, such as JohnCrame9 type, Chesterton 241 type, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, fluorine rubber (Viton), EFDM material
choose with pressure gauge, thermometer and flow control cleaning system
choose low cavity equipped with automatic water pump

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