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     Waukesha Cherry-Burrells surface heat exchanger scraper (the SSHE), as has been proved to be widely used in heat-sensitive adhesive products and products for heating, cooling, crystallization, and other plastics. Scraper surface heat exchangers can be used in processing of textile dyes, as the same fluid, can also be used to deal with the same agent as filling leakage of high-viscosity products; as there are particles, like peanut butter to donate strong mill products, and with stars such as peach size the same piece or a whole strawberry products. Temperature can be raised to adequate disinfection sterilization, or lowered to allow the freezing of the mud-like products.

The scope of application:
Food - heating, cooling, oil frozen, plastics, emulsified, pasteurized, ultra-high temperature sterilization, disinfection, for the crystallization, concentrated
Cosmetics - heating, cooling, crystallization, reaction control operations, inflatable, mixed
Chemistry - Pharmaceuticals
Disinfection - high acidity or low pH foods, concentrated fruit juice, small particles, concentrates, cream paste, gel, cream

Model (diameter "x Length")
Heat exchange area (ft2 / m2)
3 x 12
0.7 / 0.07
6 x 24
3.0 / 0.28
6 x 48
6.0 / 0.56
6 x 72
9.0 / 0.84
4 x 120
9.0 / 0.84

ASME design specification, in line with the 3A and USDA standards
completely sealed tube / blade combinations
efficient heat transfer, temperature easily controlled
online cleaning (CIP)
multiple spindle diameter
a variety of motor options
equipment level, multi-row or vertical installation
short pipe laid, and ease of installation

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