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Products / High Shear Emulsification Machine /  Lab Mixers

Models L4RT and L4R

L4RT laboratory model for the daily laboratory work. The quality of the product analysis and product research particularly effective. Said it has a digital display of speed and can determine the process requirements.
L4RT particularly suitable for different applications - mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, dispersion, melting and so on. To provide effective and flexible production program is the same can not be compared to laboratory models. Production capacity from 1ml to 12 litres and can be used for pilot production, the largest flow of 20 litres per minute. L4RT laboratory models to provide the most accurate production ratio can be accurately enlarged to a scale large-scale production. 
Motor Unit - motor design firm, quiet, suitable for long production.

Motor - Motor 250W (0.33hp) 220 volt, single phase (110 volt optional), 50/60Hz. An average of the most discontented speed 8000 rpm (there are weight under 6000 rpm) Speed Control - there are switches and electronic variable speed control.
Electric Rise & Fall Bench Stand - table stand high electric transfer.
Construction - Access to all financial and product parts are 316 stainless steel construction, sleeve from bronze alloy or PTFE a triazene structure.

L4RT is wear-resistant surface and easy to clean white nylon coating. Platform is a non-slip surface, the surface material does not have any substance and reaction.

L4R with basically the same L4RT, but no digital speed display.

The supply of a standard set of mixed static ring, a square hole cut Central (emulsion), Emulsion static vertical movement of the Central and Central. Rectangular cut in other areas such as Central (fiber decomposition products). Output of 12 liters solution (different production have different viscosity).
Mixed unit size - length 290mm (11-1/2 "), width 57mm (2-1/4").

Combination of a tubular container suitable for narrow bodied, but range from 1 ml to 500 liters-ho. Fine emulsion, such as the key link and the pump head options

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