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Products / Grinder /  Program(The process)
. COMMINUTE = can duplicate the effect of default and the size of control
(Controlled size reduction with predictable and repeatable results)
Comminution includes hammering and grinding characteristics of style. Fitpatrick company have a good grinder FitzMill can accurately control the size of powder program, four kinds of changes can affect the course of the effect of equipment.

. Supply pipeline
Guidance material to reach the path from the tangent to crush room
. Blade shape
Different products in response to different blade materials can help to control the degree of powder size

. The type of screen
In a specified range of size to help adjust the powder output

. Rotor speed
And work together to adjust the screen and provides the framework of the specified size of the output powder

. To control the size of the benefits of powder
Powder size will affect any of the important characteristics of the production process, control the size of powder can help to determine your product's consistency and repeatability,

Details are as follows:
Color (COLOR) same powder can be produced by each group to determine the concentration of control over color
Taste (TASTE) carefully to allow the distribution of weight in order to determine the control line
Mobility (FLOWABILITY) decided packaging, block, control
Homogeneous (UNIFORMITY) consistent with the size of the density of control
Density (DENSITY) hands to help reduce transportation costs and to minimize dust control
Structure (RECONSTITUTION) dissolution rate of identification of suitable control
Chemical reaction (CHEMICAL REACTION) consistent with the nature of the chemical changes can be controlled

. Supply pipeline
In accordance with the requirements to control the crush, the product path from the tangent blade grinding into powder room is available for the program. FitzMill supply pipeline to provide tight control of the supply point of view, to ensure consistent and predictable results. Fitzpatrick to provide a wide range of standard and custom-made pipe. If your programs require high-temperature conduction or the import of inert gas, can provide special channels.

. Rotor / blade combinations
Blade rotor and each of the portfolio is the heart of Mill FitzMill. Blade is fixed or rocking, or the use of knives cut into the preliminary granular front and front may impact۵into smaller shapes. Multi-purpose rotor blade can choose different on each side, different uses blade to ensure that your production needs with the best configuration.

. Screen type and rotor speed
Each group the size of the rotor and the screen size with the powder to determine the scope of the material will FitzMill through the control of the grinder. High speed rotary blade can reach the screen surface of powder less export point of view, the relative decrease of the size of screen holes (picture A), will only allow the adoption of smaller powder. Such as the slow increase of the entrance point of view can be adopted to allow more powder. When the screen thickness increases. The export of mesh size must be increased to retain the scope of the appropriate powder. (Picture B) a different rotor speed and the exchange of different areas of the screen will enable the production of a wide variety of products FitzMill.

. FITZMILL quality from the crush room
Crushing chamber is the heart of each FITZMILL by stainless steel or special alloy construction, which the rotor assembly, blade and screen. FITZMILL structure is easy to clean, testing and maintenance.

. Alternating rotor blade to increase the life span of uses and
You can drive in a lot of FITZMILL blade on the direction of the turn faster, so the turn of the knifeproduction can meet the needs of different programs. (From the front edge to front۵conversion) on both sides are independent, the turn of the blade can double the efficiency of life.

. Easy to clean and maintenance
Time and cost savings, a machine can quickly separate FITZMILL, easy to clean, just very little maintenance and can be conventional.

. Security features
All machines have a guard to reduce noise. Movable parts, such as the flywheel and the belt is completely packed in protective material inside, when the rotor blade and when to show a secure connection can block the activity machine. Feeder openings and protection frommesh operation in the machine controller hinder the grinding room touch. Provide a special reversible-s-style feed pipe openings in the mesh feedertime is not very practical, reversible-s products to enter unimpeded into the rotor blade.

. Motor and controller can cope with any action
Motor meets all world standards. With single-speed or variable speed configurations, and explosion-proof, water-proof and TEFC form. Convenient and simple control box can be installed into the fuselage, install the remote control or stand-alone remote control box.

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