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Products / Grinder /  Compaction explanation
Powder from an early age in the two Chilsonator pressed between the roller machine made there under the pressure of the sheet density Luo Qiang, the sheet made by milling the same particle density. Transmission or processing of a powder due to size, shape and density difference.

Attention should be paid to a variety of combination of powder mixture of categories. Chilsonator produce uniform concentration of stars is expected to eliminate the separation and to promote consistency in analysis.
Size range of powder products can be selected for different requirements and with reference to the unique needs of different unique.
Dust is a very common and are difficult to deal with the waste type, can be excluded from the mixture of cross-contamination and product loss.
High bulk density fine in custody, transport and packaging of bulk density control.
The hardness of powder characteristics of demand can be appropriately adjusted.
Granular materials more easily than some powder to absorb liquid, therefore, particle material more easily dissolved and decomposed quickly. In suitable conditions, some materials can also be appropriate to adjust the volume of heavy or floating.
The basic concept can be read in Figure 1, the powder is forced through the cycle of confrontation between the two between the rotating roller, with the space and reduce the pressure through the largest part of the material will become a solid model or thin״.
Control of the main factors shaping the course of the roller surface, the diameter of the speed of external pressure, the product of force or pressure on the separation capacity, the supply of spiral propeller design and materials are the basic shape characteristics of pressure.
Figure 2 shows in the production process of the geometry, when the roller towards one another relative, the material in the sliding region is less than the rate of inward movement of the surface of roller speed.
Folder in the regional phase, materials will be caught in-line roller surface at the same speed of movement, which forced the material through the biggest roller-pressure region of the center line of the two.
Shown in Figure 3 is usually close to the maximum intensity, but the products can not achieve the theoretical density.
Figure 4 is a graph of the basic concepts of the material in the roller of the unity between the suppression by the hydraulic power supply, the level of mobile and can be applied in accordance with the volume of supply and demand pressure regulator.
A greater number of applications, Chilsonator molding products should be uniform particle size distribution. Fitzmill granulator in Fitzpatrick50 years experience, can effectively meet the customers requirements.
Fitzmill granulator design flexibility enables the operator can effectively control products to achieve predictable results and repeat forming .3 major changes are: blade shape, rotor speed and the size of screen openings.
Displayed in the map room of the abrasive edge of the blade is relatively rough and the powder, the blunt edge of the combat is a more detailed response to the powder, is a reversal of the rotor and allows the use of both sides of blade.
The choice of the diameter of pulley on the rotor and the motor can be driven by a belt to determine the speed of the pulley of a ladder or inverter variable speed available. For better high-speed grinding, slow for rough comparison of the powder.
In the grinding room is the piece of metal perforated screen, the shape of the design with the grinding chamber, the holes of different shapes, mesh and other according to production needs, are provided with the special screen.
High-performance FitzMill granulator can be more easily Former Chilsonator combination under the direct system, it also can be applied to a small number of staff to the production of feeder.
Steel bars and mesh-type rotor in addition to the traditional choice of rotor blade sharp, FitZmILL can configure a rotor steel bar, steel bar rotor often than the average for low rotor speed, the rotor will make products closer to the screen screening. to compress a number of low-density products is difficult, because these materials are included in the trend of the air. When the roller when it will be through pre-compression of some vaginal obstruction. vacuum degassing system can overcome these issues. a vacuum system is used in the supply of spiral Chilsonator Department of vertical and can be provided and removed from these products to enhance the density of the gas into the intensity, which can effectively enhance the production of a vacuum exhaust system in some cases, can be Chilsonator enhance the output of nine times and a 40% increase in compression efficiency.

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