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Products / A variety of health instrument /  Diaphragm-type pressure gauge
Applications: food, medicine, cosmetics and chemical
Model: EL, EA, EB series
Surface diameter: 90, 120mm
Pressure range: -1 to 40 bar
Accuracy: 0.5%
Interface Dimensions: 1.5 "- 3.0" Tri-clamp, and a variety of health nipple
Structure: Diaphragm welding and grinding, surface treatment> 240 grit, or electro-polishing
   And product contact surface materials, 316L stainless steel
   Case Material, 304 stainless steel
   Sealed NEMA 4X, IP-66
   May be filled with oil, Glycerin 100% USP Food Grade
Standard: 3A and FDA health standards
   According to the design and testing of ASME E40.100

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