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Company Profile
Rath Manufacturing Co., Inc
2505 Foster Ave.
Janesville, WI53547-0389 USA

Business Category
Welded, polished stainless steel double-sided, double gold tube combination

Harley B. Kaplan (jaco. Open Brandeis), President and CEO C. Michel Griffith.Jr. (Michael. Griffith),
Director of Marketing and vice president. Commercial products James W. Coenen (James.), director of marketing and vice president. Health, pharmaceutical and biotechnology
David ODonnell (David. Downey), director of engineering and technical services
Mike Aston (Mike. Aston), Quality Director
7 more than 10 million U.S. dollars
Diameter 1 / 2 "(12.7mm) to 6" (152.4mm), plus a variety of metric sizes
Wall thickness of 0.020 "(0.508mm) to 0.25" (6.350mm)
Length of up to 80 (24.64m)
Austenitic grade: 304L, 309,310,316 L, 317L, 321,347
Two-phase alloy grade: 2205,2507,2304,2003,19 D
FERROALLOY level :29-4-C, Ebrite
Inlay alloy: C276, Alloy 22,625,825,800,904 L, Alloy 20,6 Moly, 200,400,600
Factory -200,000 square feet (18,580 square meters)
-150 Employees
Production capacity - more than 1,000,000 feet per week (30,8000 m) (2003 exports to Asia 4,000,000 feet (92,4000 m)
3 rolling mill laser
13 TIG rolling mill
Can be carried out in accordance with customer needs bright annealing line
Vortex tube mill testing, hydrostatic testing, air tightness testing of underwater
Purification Room 100
Services market
Commercial tube
Chemical / petrochemical, pulp and paper, power generation, sugar, general equipment manufacturing, process piping systems
Health tube
Food, dairy, pharmaceutical, electronics, and other areas of biological treatment
International specifications
Rath Manufacturing welding pipe fittings in the pressure pipe applications in line with the
ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code requirements, the application of the various ASME standards for piping.
A variety of ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards, Rath is T0V registered welding pipe fittings manufacturer, product line with "the EU Pressure Equipment Directive"
(97/23 EC) and AD Merkblatt, AD200-w2 standards.
Rath for Health and the application of the field of clean ultra-high welded pipe fittings, products, bio-processing equipment in line with the ASME standard ASTM A270, as well as DIN and ISO standards.
Health with Stainless Steel Tube
Often used in dairy products, food, beverages and other health deal
Rath health beyond the use of stainless steel and ASTM A270 specifications 3A, as well as the majority of customer requirements. Type of steel to make
With high-quality stainless steel materials, the material from Rath under its proprietary standards into the hot-melt, and then after Rath Micro-Weld
Molding process to ensure the integrity of the weld, and can Rath low Ra value customers requirements, providing industry-leading internal and external surface finish.
Rath its technical expertise, know-how of production and finishing capacity and unmatched pre-sales and after-sales service back-up in production with high-quality health
Stainless Steel Tube Welding is a leader in the industry. Rath to provide a variety of standard sizes of stainless steel sanitary pipe, pipe length of 20ft. (6.1m),
Diameter from 1 / 2 "(12.7mm) to 6" (152.4mm) ranging minutes polishing and polishing two things, can be shipped the same day.
.304 L and 316L have the spot. 6-MOLY and other on-demand custom alloy
. The material and size of the integrity of the specification tolerances, please refer to the back.
Mechanical testing
To ensure that our food hygiene with the surface of stainless steel to achieve optimal quality, Rath will be based on ASTM requirements of ASME SA249 bending and deformation tests,
In addition to Rath also developed the deformation test, the product of indicators is beyond the scope of the ASTM A269 and A270 requirements. Through these tests, coupled with
Specific requirements of raw materials, eddy current test tube mill, as well as smaller diameter and the wall of tolerance, Rath has always been to provide customers with quality products.
. Online bright hydrogen annealing to 1900F (1040 ), and then rapidly quenched.
Surface finish #
Rath stainless steel bright annealing have been polishing or mechanical polishing treatment; in accordance with ASME / ANSI B46.1, the measuring instrument cleaning surface perpendicular to the main polishing face,
Measured with the largest surface roughness 20-in Ra (0.5m) and (or) the outer surface of the largest 30-in Ra (0.8m), the use of the polishing Rath technology
Industry to obtain the best surface finish. Printed on stainless steel pipe size, grade, alloy, ASTM and ASME specifications, melting furnace and rolling mill workers Rath Name
Acronym for the influx of industry to recover.
Packaging process is to ensure that standards of health to deal with the final step, Rath plastic tube of stainless steel cover for protection and the use of 2-mil polyethylene casing seal,
To prevent pollution. Stainless steel tube packed in strong corrugated cardboard boxes, edge reinforced with wood, and tied tightly with packaging in the transport to provide reliable protection. Other packages
Materials include cardboard or wooden box sets.
Rath for Health and the use of stainless steel with stainless steel. In accordance with ASME / ANSI B 46.1, the surface finish measuring instrument down time for polishing the main surface, measured in Table
Surface finish should be the largest 20-in Ra (0.5m), the outer surface of the largest 30 -in Ra (0.8m), and the end of the track suitable for welding.
.1 / 2 "(12.7mm), 3 / 4" (19.1mm) stainless steel tube
. The size of the inner surface of steel pipe for the greatest finish 30-in (0.8m). Other Ra finish can be provided on request.

Health and stainless steel pipe

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------
High Clean Stainless Steel Pipe
Pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotechnology and other areas away from the cleaning process by mechanical polishing tube (20-in Ra internal surface)
This quality of stainless steel pipe from the strict accordance with ASME and ASTM A270 S2 technical requirements for manufacturing, using 100% of inner-hole inspection,
Internal surface and the outer surface of both had mechanical polishing, Rath's proprietary surface treatment process to ensure against the use of client application
Ra values of specific internal and external surface, so to minimize the surface roughness, A270-BPE series of stainless steel pipes are available upon request, in the
Path100 class clean room (Fed 209E) in the cleaning treatment significantly reduced from the surface pre-installation inspection of customers. Rath
Based on its proprietary standard made of high-quality stainless steel hot-melt, and then through the Rath Micro-weld "process forming, thus ensuring
Welding chain integrity, to meet (101.6), length 20 feet (6.1) meters.
.316 L are available from stock ,6-Moly and other alloys need to book.
. The material and size tolerances complete specifications, see the front.
Mechanical testing
In order to ensure food hygiene and use of rusty steel surface quality of the highest, Rath will be based on ASTM requirements of ASME SA249
Bending and deformation tests. In addition to its own development to be carried out Rath deformation testing, product index has exceeded ASTM A269 and A270
Requirements, tube mill eddy current testing, mechanical polishing before the 100 percent inspection, as well as the smaller hole diameter and the wall of tolerance. Rath for the customer to mention
For a very high-quality products.
. Online bright hydrogen annealing to the lowest level 1900 "F (1040 ). And then quickly quenching.
All Rath A270-BPE high-clean stainless steel pipes can be in response to customer requirements, using the ASTM A632 standard thermocouple described cleaning method or sulfur
Acid, deionized water, clean the inner surface of oxygen facilities. Rath's deionized water system can guarantee that TOC is less than 50ppb (an average of 10ppb), resistance
The rate of up to 18M, Rath also use the concentration of 99.9999% pure helium, helium will use filters to 0.5 microns. Cleaning and packaging operations
Will be certified class 100 clean indoors.
Surface finish
Based on ASME / ANSI B46.1, will be perpendicular to the surface roughness measurement instrument polished surface, the inner surface of the measured reading should be the largest polished 20-in Ra
(0.5m), the outer surface of 30-in Ra (0.8m).
Packaging process is to ensure that cleanliness standards in the final step. Rath of the A270-BPE stainless steel pipe with 2-mil polyethylene plastic to protect the casing and sealing
Cover for packaging material and then placed in corrugated cardboard boxes inside a stainless steel tube to achieve the maximum protection of shipping. Other packaging will be sharp customer request.
Such stainless steel pipe should be more than SME BPE and ASTM A270 S2 requirements Rath A270-BPE 316L pipe fittings, all stainless steel pipes are over 100%
Check inside the hole and the end of the appropriate orbital welding; based on ASME / ANSI B46.1, will be perpendicular to the surface roughness measurement instrument the main polishing surface, measured the surface
Reading of the inner surface roughness of the largest 20-in Ra (0.5m), the outer surface of the largest 30-in Ra (0.8m).
Cleaning Stainless Steel Pipe
Manufacturing Process

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