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Laboratory scale mixers

Silverson Laboratory mixers are
suitable for the widest range of
applications - mixing, emulsifying, homogenising,
disintegrating, dissolving - with an
efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines.
With a capacity from 1ml up to 12 litres
and the ability to mix in-line with flow rates up to 20
litres/minute, they offer excel ent
reproducibility when scaling up
and provide an accurate and
easy means of forecasting the
performance of larger Silverson
machines under ful -scale
working conditions.
The Silverson L5 Series is the
latest development in High Shear
Laboratory mixing, ideal for al
routine laboratory work, research
and development, QA analysis
and smal scale production in
al industries.

Models L5M, L5T & L5R

L5M Mixer
The multifunctional L5M Model features touch screen control with digital tachometer,programmable integral timer
and amperage display, alaccessed via the Mode button.This level of instrumentation is invaluable for applications where process validation and reproducibility are required.
Motor unit
Robust two-piece casing designed for cool, quiet and continuous operation.Motor 250W (0.33hp) 220 volt,single phase (110 volt optional),50/60 Hz. Nominal maximum speed 8000 rpm (6000 rpm under ful load).
Speed control
Infinitely variable electronic speed control with integral  on/off switch.
Electric rise & fall bench stand
The mixing unit may be effortlessly raised and lowered using the push-button controls on the motor unit.
Al wetted parts are in grade 316 stainless steel with the exception of the bush which may be bronze al oy or PTFE.The L5 is finished in a tough, easy to clean, non-chip white nylon coating. The flat base is covered by a removable  non-slip mat which is resistant to most solvents.
L5T Mixer
Identical to the model L5M but supplied with tachometer only.
L5R Mixer
Identical to the model L5M but supplied without the tachometer, amperage display or integral timer.
Interchangeable mixing assemblies
Standard assembly (two arm) supplied complete with a General Purpose Disintegrating Head, Square Hole High Shear Screen, Standard Emulsor Screen and Axial Flow Head. Slotted Disintegrating Heads, Fine Emulsor Screen, Pump Heads and other special heads are available as optional extras.Capacity - depending on viscosity - up to 12 litres. Mixing unit dimensions C length 290mm
(11 1⁄2), width 57mm (2 1⁄4).
Tubular assemblies
Suitable for use in narrow-necked containers. A ful range of tubular mixing units for processing volumes from 1ml -500ml is available for L5 models
(See page 11)

Mixing assemblies

Silverson offers a range of mixing assemblies for specialised laboratory applications:
Duplex assembly
The Duplex differs from the standard mixing assembly by having two workheads facing in opposite directions; the upper head pul s materials down from the surface of the
mix, while the lower head draws material up from the base of the mixing container.The upper Coarse Tooth Disintegrating Head is designed
to chop solid materials into smal pieces and then expel them beneath the shroud. The lower workhead simultaneously draws in these partial y disintegrated solids and reduces their size further.This combined use of two workheads makes the Duplex
ideal for applications where light or buoyant material (powders,rubbers and polymers, etc.) needs to be drawn down from the surface of a mix and rapidly dispersed. Because of the added movement afforded by the two workheads, the Duplex is also ideal for use on high viscosity materials.
Typical applications
- Rapid solution of rubbers and polymers into lubricating oils, solvents and bitumen for the production of luboils, adhesives and bituminous compounds
- Disintegration and dissolving solid resin for the production of varnish
- Vegetable and meat pure/slurries
- Addition of powders into high viscosity liquids

Tubular mixing assemblies
A series of interchangeable
tubular mixing units is available
for Silverson Laboratory mixers.
The units have capacities from
1-500ml and are suitable for use
in narrow-necked containers.
1 tubular
Supplied with interchangeable
screw-on, General Purpose
Disintegrating Head and Square
Hole High Shear Screen or
Integral Open-ended Vertical
Slotted Disintegrating Head
for tissue homogenisation.
Interchangeable, screw-on
Slotted Disintegrating Heads are
available as extras. Capacity,
depending on viscosity, 50ml up
to 500ml.

3/4 tubular
Capacity, depending on viscosity,
20ml up to 250ml.
5/8 micro
Mixing unit of solid one-piece
construction with Integral
General Purpose Disintegrating
Head or Open-ended, Vertical
Slotted Disintegrating Head.
Capacity, depending on viscosity,
5ml up to 50ml.
3/8 mini-micro
Capacity, depending on viscosity,
1ml up to 10ml.

In-Line mixing assembly
The In-Line assembly fits on to
the model L5 Series Laboratory
range and converts it into an
in-line mixer/homogeniser.
The centrifugal action of the rotor
in the high shear rotor/stator
workhead generates a non-
positive pumping action which
gives a throughput on low
viscosity liquids of approximately
20 litres/minute, reducing as the
viscosity increases.
The pumping rate can be
lowered by reducing the motor
speed but it is better to insert
a valve in the pipeline on the
output side, as reducing the
speed also reduces the mixing
efficiency. The unit is suitable
for use at atmospheric pressure
only. It is not recommended for
use on abrasive, corrosive or
flammable materials.
The Silverson Ultramix is
designed for applications which
are beyond the capabilities of a
conventional agitator or stirrer
but do not necessarily require
the intense high shear of a

Silverson rotor/stator mixer.

Specialised mixers

Sealed unit laboratory mixer

Designed for research and pilot-
scale production in the fields of pathology, bacteriology and virology. Complete disintegration and homogenisation of sterile or highly infected tissues is accomplished under conditions of absolute safety, since the
mechanical seal excludes airborne contamination and ensures freedom from the risk of infection by aerosols escaping into the surrounding atmosphere. The efficiency of the machine is such that any type of animal or vegetable tissue, bone, etc. is
reduced to a fine homogeneous suspension in a few seconds,with virtual y no heat rise.The motor unit of this machine is a special modification of
the L5 Series motor unit.Furnished with a Quick-Release mechanism which permits any of the Sealed Unit Mixing
Assemblies listed below to be attached or removed.
Mixing vessels
1.0G - Glass vessel, nominal capacity 1 litre
0.5G C Glass vessel, nominal capacity 500ml
3 ⁄ 4 Flexible Tubular - 225ml glass bottle
5 ⁄ 8 Flexible Micro - 25ml Universal Vaccine vial
3 ⁄ 8 Flexible Mini-Micro - 7ml bijou vial
Stainless steel vessels
SS1 - 1 litre stainless steel container
SS2 - 2 litre stainless steel container
Operation under vacuum
Special SS1 and SS2 sealed
mixing assemblies are available
for operation under vacuum.


Model L2/Air (Compressed air)

An efficient, lightweight machine
powered by an intrinsical y safe
air motor suitable for use in Atex
Zoned/Explosion Hazard areas.
The L2/Air Drive Unit is powered
by a 0.25 hp, 6000 rpm variable
speed motor, which requires 50
psi compressed air supply and
consumes 19cfm (540 litres/
minute) at ful speed. Fitted
with speed regulator, muffler, air
regulator and gauge, water filter
and lubricator. Supplied with
manual y operated adjustable
bench stand. (Not pictured)

Pilot scale mixers

AX series
This series of mixers is designed for smal -scale production in pilot plants, research institutes, hospital
pharmacies, etc. Light and easily operated, AX series models have a capacity of up to 50 litres.

Model AXR variable
speed motor
185W (0.25hp) 220 volt single
phase (110 volt optional) 50/60
Hz. Nominal maximum speed
3500 rpm.
Speed control
Infinitely variable electronic
speed control with integral
on/off switch.
The Model AXR is finished in a
tough, easy to clean, non-chip
white nylon coating. Al wetted
parts in 316L stainless steel.

Model AX3
The Model AX3 features a fixed
speed 0.25kW (0.33hp), 3
phase, IP55/Hoseproof, TEFV
or ATEX approved Flameproof
industrial motor. Variable speed
available via an inverter as an
optional extra.
More powerful motors al owing a
maximum speed of up to 6000
rpm also available.

Model AX/Air
The Model AX/Air is powered by
an intrinsical y safe compressed
air motor suitable for use in Atex
Zoned/Explosion Hazard areas.
Bench stand
A spring assisted adjustable
bench stand is available for use

with al of the AX Series models.

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