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- A variety of health Pump
- High Shear Emulsification Machine
- High-tech hose
- A variety of health gasket
- Ice cream production systems
- Grinder
- A variety of health instrument
- Health tube
- Health Stainless Steel Pipe
- A variety of hybrid systems
- A variety of health equipment
- Projects
Products / Projects /  Production equipment
  • Mobile emulsion system
    Laboratory-based (production model)
    Production type
    Cycle of production



  • Health-class rotor pumps (package)
    The installation of insulation jacket (with syrup)
    Cover the installation of pressure
    Variable speed motor with manual
    Distribution Control Box (multi-stage variable-speed and flow control)

  • Health class tube (whole)
    Stainless steel clamp / connector bond pattern
    Different materials
    High temperature / high pressure production
    Acid / alkali cleaning
    Steam sterilization


  • Health-stage Centrifugal Pump (package)
        Stainless steel
        Different hoop / bond connection pattern
        Mechanical Seal

  • Streamlining production systems
    With the unique production requirements
    Chinese soup cooking system
    Paste / paste hybrid systems
    150 tons of sealed distilled water tanks
    Sauce (with 10mm particles) packing machine
    (Dry) crushed and mixed systems



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