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Cosmetics, personal care products, materials and sauce paddle high shear mixing / emulsification system production programs

Silverson high shear mixer blender, compared with the traditional high efficiency and can save 90% mixing time of mixing. A mixer can be a result of any replacement to make the first and the effectiveness of different. This allows the mixer to achieve mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, dissolution, dispersion and the role of solid smash.

The use of traditional blender, you may encounter a number of issues:
* Thickening agents and SC hydration is all mixed, one of the most difficult operation. Easy to agglomerate, and some components need to cut, to form a characteristic needed.
* The stability of economic and emulsified into the liquid inside the economy can easily lead to "powder group", an increase of mixed problems, so need special treatment.
* Even if the economy has been heating oil and water relief, blender is not easy to form a stable emulsion.
* Such as cocoa powder or powder is not easy to be dissolved completely soaked and Cook, in order to prevent the "sand" or "aggregate powder" and so do not feel smooth.
* The need for a long time to produce material and mixed completely decentralized. The result is not uniform for each production.
* Processing usually takes a long time and additional equipment, to form a homogeneous product. 


Stage 1

Series mixer will generate a powerful suction rubber and container from the inhalation solution to the rotor / stator-side work.

Stage 2

Apparently succumbed to the work of the centrifugal force the material side the edge in this, the rubber bear the rotor and stator of the grinding gap between the role of precision.

Stage 3

When the new material to be sucked into the work side, the products are out of the stator. After a very short loop of the hybrid process, the entire contents of containers through the terminal complex, rapid completion of melting.

Series of high shear mixer
* Is ideal for larger bulk items                                                          * are not inflated
* Easy to modify existing equipment to the                                     * self-pumping
* Must be effective with the use of tank stirrer to wetting products
* can be used for emptying containers                                             * Can provide ultra-Health Model 
Streamlining the actual (Skidded) Systems Portfolio

Major equipment
Silverson mixed emulsifier
For continuous production cycle of the program or product mix
Silverson has a comprehensive range of models.
From 0.5kw to 150kw laboratory-based multi-shear grinder.
Design can meet the precise criteria.

High viscosity pump rotor
For the high-viscosity fluid, JEC pump with high efficiency,
Low shear stress, the measurement function well and good fluid
Control and so on. Paste in the pump, oars / Sauce
Or with large particles when the fluid efficiency of the product
Degree of damage is very small.

Mixer can be the mixing of different tools for assembly.
According to the mixing of different tasks and operating conditions, they can choose not
With the drive, sealing and rotational speed. Mixer can also be true
Space to the considerable pressure and a wide working temperature range.
Particularly suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry.

The streamlining of our production (Skidded) system according to different requirements of the installation of vacuum technology, heating, cooling, filtration and self-cleaning devices. Various equipment, connecting piping, valves and gaskets, etc. in line with the FDA, 3A, USP and BgVV and health standards and so on-line cleaning (CIPable).
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